Mihi - Maori Greeting

Gareth Edwards

Kia ora - "be well and healthy".

Or, as we say where I’m from - ey up!

Born near Kinder Scout on the River Irk in Manchester, England, my ancestors are Celtic, from Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I live with my family at the foot of Takaka Hill by Takaka River in Golden Bay, Aotearoa | New Zealand.

My name is Gareth Edwards, a.k.a. Ganapati and The Laughter Guy. Or simply 'G'.

My Story (So Far)

I am intrigued by what makes us tick.

For over 25 years I have been exploring scientific and spiritual understandings of what makes us human. Especially what makes us happy - things that bring us feelings of joy and a sense of fulfilment.

My purpose is to pass on what I learn in ways that are uplifting and useful.

In my youth I experimented with religion and psychedelic drugs. Sometimes at the same time.

I feel that I was looking for connection - to others, to myself and to something else beyond that.

I was also drawn to study, completely a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Applied Artificial Intelligence, before starting a PhD.

My 'tick' went 'tock'.

I experienced extreme lows and highs. Despairing depression and suicidality then soaring mania and psychosis. I ended up homeless and forced into hospital with a bipolar diagnosis. That's manic depression if you're over 40.

I rebuilt my life.

Music and writing became part of my healing. I began trying to improve the system I had been through. I was doing fine until I hit another wall, with chronic adrenal fatigue and panic attacks.

I reframed my life.

Yoga, meditation and spiritual growth became the focus. I moved from the city and started a permaculture farm. And I began sharing my music and writing with others to help and heal them.

I live my life.

I have found a way to embrace the tick and tock of my life and share this to encourage and inspire others.