Gareth Edwards Are you ready to be happy?

Want to be happy?

Let's start by getting clear about the two types of happiness:
Feeling Happy
When you experience joy or pleasure.

You can be giddy with excitement, usually for shorts periods of time.

It is what is happening inside us when we say "I feel happy".
Being Happy
When you are satisfied or fulfilled.

You feel things are going well, either fleeting and enduringly.

It is what is happening inside us when we say "I am happy".
A happy life has both types.
My purpose is to help you remember how to feel joy and fulfilment and to create a happy life.

I do this with my happy boosters:
I write to inspire you and inform changes to improve life.

Drawing on experience and my career building better mental health services, I bring you the best theories and activities from psychology and personal development.
I create and entertain to uplift you and bring joy and peace in your life.

My songs have been described as:

"bluesy, reggae, country, high quality, relatable, encouraging, humorous, serious, happy songs"

I run live events to facilitate collective joy and happiness.

I help you remember 'natural laughter' that has you smiling, giggling, chuckling and snorting like never before.
I connect one-to-one to support you to feel fulfilled.

Blending Access Bars® and Angelic Reiki energy healing with thought / behaviour change techniques from psychology.
My happy boosts are made with love in the belief that you can be happy.

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